Sunday, February 9, 2014

Estate Sale Finds

I've been wanting to learn a little calligraphy or just learn to make a fancy letter here and there.  Yesterday at an estate sale in Seal Beach I found a couple of calligraphy books (well, actually there was an abundance of books) but I only purchased two.  Along with books I also picked up quite a few tablets of calligraphy practice sheets.  I also purchased tablets of watercolor paper, aquarelle watercolor crayons, a box of envelopes, some pretty handmade papers, packages of handmade paper, some pretty pearl buttons, and a punch bowl (with cups!) all for the grand total of $20.

The weather in Seal Beach was beautiful, the little shops we walked by were cute, the two we stopped in were amazing - one store was 80% vintage jewelry and all in cases so it was eye candy just to walk by case after case and admire all the vintage jewelry.  They also had some lovely vintage art on the walls, wish I had the kind of home and decor to house it all it but I don't.   The next cute store we browsed in was all beach themed.  Very cute and calming -  I would love to have a beach house!