Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trending! - Carve Your Own Stamps

Through the years I've carved a small stamp or two so that I could stamp just the image I had in mind.  Then rubber stamping companies came on the scene and really grew the market so there really was no need to make them myself anymore.  Still, with my large stash of stamps, there are those moments when inspiration strikes and I start to look for "just the right stamp" for a person and have had no luck.  Fortunately, there are still stores carrying rubber and other assorted supplies to get it done myself.

This summer Stampin'Up! rolled out a new kit for carving your own stamps.  It contains everything you need to give it a try yourself.  It also includes some sample images if you need a little inspiration.

Also on the market are a few books that can really take your rubber stamp carving to the next level.  One book in particular is by Geninne Zlatkis . Love her art!!! In her book she has some very cute templates to follow. Take a quick peek at it on Amazon (click on the picture below).  Did I mention you should follow her blog?  She creates these beautiful pictures with her photography and art AND she shares them as screensavers.  I cannot tell you how many people have stopped by my desk just to look at the screensaver she shared for October!  

Another book I came across is by Jenny Doh and it too can be found on Amazon by clicking the photo below.  Nice small stamp carving ideas to get you started.  Unique ideas for making simple stamp shapes into fun projects.  

That's all for this morning.  I'll post my own carved stamp images this weekend.  In the meantime, enjoy looking through the books and of course, don't forget to order your Stamp Carving Kit from me.  Item # 133402 for $19.95 plus S&H.

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