Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Card Boxes

I really enjoyed making these boxes to hold gift cards.  Mini little presents which won't get lost or misplaced.  The nice thing about them is they can be reused year after year.  It took a little time to figure out the dimensions I needed but I now have a template.  The most time consuming task for me of course is deciding how to decorate each box.  I like to make everything color coordinate with the papers I've chosen and add a little embellishment to carry out the theme of the paper.  The one nice thing about these gift boxes is that they gently slide open and there is no "ripping the gift wrap to get to the gift" so all my hard work doesn't go up in a poof of paper.  I prefer the little floral rosettes to the accordion rosettes.

The floral rosettes are circles cut into spirals and then wrapped tightly and glued.  The accordion rosettes are strips of paper scored, joined and glued into a circle and then pressed flat.  In order to get them to stay put you need to punch a one inch circle and hot glue them down so they are secure.  Too much mess an frustration for me so until I figure out a simple solution (as others have) I will keep making the floral rosettes.

Here are a few of the boxes.  I started a few more but couldn't find "just the right paper" to coordinate.

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