Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snowman Soup


Every Christmas I make biscotti and package them in different ways for my co-workers.  When I first started doing this, I would paint small clay pots and decorate them.  I think the first year was white pots with gold star bursts and gold rim, another year it was navy pots with snowmen on them.  Whenever I handed them out, I always got rave reviews and told "you should sell these".  My response was always that they were a labor of love and people would never pay what they were really worth in the time spent to gather or bake the items and pull them altogether into a gift.  Fast forward ten years later.

Today I'm putting together some cute cups with the ingredients for snowman soup.  I thought they would be quick and simple because I wasn't painting the containers.  I'm trying to finish what I start these days so I  took babysteps and at long last they are ready.  I'll be selling them at the Sonheim Lutheran Home Boutique on Saturday, December 3rd, and donating a portion of the sales.  Wish us all luck the boutique is a success.

I typed up the recipe for snowman soup which you can find on the internet.  I used SU!'s narrow 1x8 cellophane bags (#124134) for the mini marshmallows and 30" of SU! baker's twine in cherry cobbler (#123125) which I doubled-over and tied a round the bag.  I snipped off the extra and used it to attach the tag which I stamped & embossed in silver on front, and hand stamped TO and FROM on the back.

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