Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Busy October

I spent most of my summer preparing to teach classes at the Monrovia Community Center -  classes just finished Wednesday, October 12.  I really had a lot of fun sharing all things artsy and met some very nice ladies in my community.  I also remembered to bring my camera and most importantly... to use it! Classes start again January 14, 2011.  I will post a link next month.  What also has made this month busy is I'm preparing to once again "sell my wares" at the Shakespeare League Fall Boutique October 19th.

I'm finally remembering to take photos of the items I make and will eventually post them.  I also realized that I can post to my blog and add photos later.  Hopefully, I will be more consistent in my blog postings of what I'm doing and then add the pictures as an update.  This weekend I made Halloween cards, and other cards in general.  I also made quite a few goody bags, what I like to call "little somethings".  I made themed toppers for candy filled cello bags.  Witchy, Cowboy Christmas, Simple Thanksgiving, and Wintery toppers.  Of course I made a few mistakes along the way which made me realize I should post as I create so I won't make the same mistakes.  All turned out well, just a little extra crafting time which could have been used on housekeeping!!1

I also just finished making "Snowman Kisses" giftees using Tic Tacs.  Turned out cute!  Oops! better go take a picture before I put them away.   One of the class projects we did was coaster tiles.  Before I put my supplies away from that class, I stamped up a few.   Just need to package them and remember to take them with me!

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