Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watercolor Roses

This technique has been around for quite a while now as I started making these cards over a year ago and am now finally taking photos and posting.  I used pink paper for the card base and shimmery white for the frame and rose.  I used my big shot to cut out the leave and the frame.  The rose is stamped in white and embossed with clear emboss.  I covered one sheet of shimmery white withe the image, then painted them all, and then cut them out as I watched TV.  The technique for the beautiful roses is to squeeze a few drops of your favorite color for roses on a plastic lid, next spray your cardstock with a little water, and the last step is to use a waterbrush to pick up a little ink and paint it on to the paper.  The wet paper will pull the ink from the brush.  Make sure to let it dry thoroughly and then cut them out and place them on your card or anywhere in your home where you need a little decor.  Enjoy!

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