Friday, December 2, 2011

Gift Card Boxes

I really enjoyed making these boxes to hold gift cards.  Mini little presents which won't get lost or misplaced.  The nice thing about them is they can be reused year after year.  It took a little time to figure out the dimensions I needed but I now have a template.  The most time consuming task for me of course is deciding how to decorate each box.  I like to make everything color coordinate with the papers I've chosen and add a little embellishment to carry out the theme of the paper.  The one nice thing about these gift boxes is that they gently slide open and there is no "ripping the gift wrap to get to the gift" so all my hard work doesn't go up in a poof of paper.  I prefer the little floral rosettes to the accordion rosettes.

The floral rosettes are circles cut into spirals and then wrapped tightly and glued.  The accordion rosettes are strips of paper scored, joined and glued into a circle and then pressed flat.  In order to get them to stay put you need to punch a one inch circle and hot glue them down so they are secure.  Too much mess an frustration for me so until I figure out a simple solution (as others have) I will keep making the floral rosettes.

Here are a few of the boxes.  I started a few more but couldn't find "just the right paper" to coordinate.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snowman Soup


Every Christmas I make biscotti and package them in different ways for my co-workers.  When I first started doing this, I would paint small clay pots and decorate them.  I think the first year was white pots with gold star bursts and gold rim, another year it was navy pots with snowmen on them.  Whenever I handed them out, I always got rave reviews and told "you should sell these".  My response was always that they were a labor of love and people would never pay what they were really worth in the time spent to gather or bake the items and pull them altogether into a gift.  Fast forward ten years later.

Today I'm putting together some cute cups with the ingredients for snowman soup.  I thought they would be quick and simple because I wasn't painting the containers.  I'm trying to finish what I start these days so I  took babysteps and at long last they are ready.  I'll be selling them at the Sonheim Lutheran Home Boutique on Saturday, December 3rd, and donating a portion of the sales.  Wish us all luck the boutique is a success.

I typed up the recipe for snowman soup which you can find on the internet.  I used SU!'s narrow 1x8 cellophane bags (#124134) for the mini marshmallows and 30" of SU! baker's twine in cherry cobbler (#123125) which I doubled-over and tied a round the bag.  I snipped off the extra and used it to attach the tag which I stamped & embossed in silver on front, and hand stamped TO and FROM on the back.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Suzi Blu Canvas - Student's work

One of the reasons I love rubber stamping is that I can only draw stick figures!  I wish I could draw but until that happens I will use rubber stamp images to be creative.  Suzi Blu has some really cute girly stamps which are rather large to be used on the everyday greeting card BUT they are the perfect size to create artful canvas paintings.

In my "Artful Creations by You!" class at Monrovia Community Center,  I taught a couple of ways they can be used.  The picture above shows the almost final results of two of my students.  For this canvas, this is what we did:

1) Stamp on tissue paper using StazOn Ink. (Don't forget to put a sheet of paper under it before stamping to absorb the excess ink.)  Let it thoroughly dry a few minute or so.

2) Make sure to use gesso or gel matte medium to seal your canvas because it is absorbent.  

3) Once it's dry, add another coat of gesso or GMM then place your stamped tissue paper on the canvas, use your brush to press the tissue paper to the canvas working from the center to the outside.  Don't worry if it leaves a crease or two, it only adds to the texture of the canvas. 

4) After it dries, paint using watercolor crayons, acrylics, chalk, or any combination.  Add words either with tissue paper or stamping words on paper and cutting them out. 

There are many ways to display this work of art: pop it in a frame, display it on an easel, punch holes (use a heavy duty punch) at the top two corners and use ribbon to hang.

Yes! I will be teaching this class in the Winter, Check out Monrovia's Community Brochure for all the details. Monrovia Community Classes pages 8-9 are my classes!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Giving a Speech

Attention Getter:
1st main Point:
2nd Main Point:
3rd Main Point

For those of you who know me, I would rather do anything but give a speech.  So I finally took a class at PCC and learned.  I thought I should post it on my blog so that I could ALWAYS find it because someday I will have to give another one and I want to remember the important points.   However, the most important thing I learned was to start with the 3 main points

A Busy October

I spent most of my summer preparing to teach classes at the Monrovia Community Center -  classes just finished Wednesday, October 12.  I really had a lot of fun sharing all things artsy and met some very nice ladies in my community.  I also remembered to bring my camera and most importantly... to use it! Classes start again January 14, 2011.  I will post a link next month.  What also has made this month busy is I'm preparing to once again "sell my wares" at the Shakespeare League Fall Boutique October 19th.

I'm finally remembering to take photos of the items I make and will eventually post them.  I also realized that I can post to my blog and add photos later.  Hopefully, I will be more consistent in my blog postings of what I'm doing and then add the pictures as an update.  This weekend I made Halloween cards, and other cards in general.  I also made quite a few goody bags, what I like to call "little somethings".  I made themed toppers for candy filled cello bags.  Witchy, Cowboy Christmas, Simple Thanksgiving, and Wintery toppers.  Of course I made a few mistakes along the way which made me realize I should post as I create so I won't make the same mistakes.  All turned out well, just a little extra crafting time which could have been used on housekeeping!!1

I also just finished making "Snowman Kisses" giftees using Tic Tacs.  Turned out cute!  Oops! better go take a picture before I put them away.   One of the class projects we did was coaster tiles.  Before I put my supplies away from that class, I stamped up a few.   Just need to package them and remember to take them with me!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Crocheted Jewelry and Matching Earrings

I love making Christmas gifts and birthday gifts for my friends as well as sharing easy projects with my crafty friends who appreciate the art of the handmade gift.  This was as easy as making a macaroni necklace as a child however, it is so much more glamorous.  Enjoy.  (I used a #4 crochet hook.) 

And of course some hand made wire-wrapped earrings to match!

Monday, May 30, 2011

3x3 Notecards

     I really liked the colors in this paper so of course I just kept making them until I ran out of the paper.  They were a big hit at the Shakespeare Club Spring Boutique.  I packaged them in two different ways.  The first way was to just add a pretty bow to keep them together for those wanting a set for themselves.  The other way was to package them in a cello bag and add a little bling with a matching brad.

     These make great little gifts when you want to give someone "just a little something".  They are also ideal to keep in your purse when you want to add a little personal thank you to someone "in the moment" - make someone's day by saying thank you when they least expect it!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Gold Embossed flowers on white c/s, layered on the lavendar c/s, layered onto purple c/s which is stamped with a background stamp using versamark ink.  Simple and elegant.  This will be one of the cards we make in my embossing class.  I have made these cards as birthday gifts and the response has been delightful.  My gift recipient stated:  "I love your cards!  I sent them as thank you notes for gifts I received, and people are sending me thank you notes for my thank you notes."  What a wonderful testimonial and it's those kind remarks that bring me joy when I share my love of stamping and creating.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watercolor Roses

This technique has been around for quite a while now as I started making these cards over a year ago and am now finally taking photos and posting.  I used pink paper for the card base and shimmery white for the frame and rose.  I used my big shot to cut out the leave and the frame.  The rose is stamped in white and embossed with clear emboss.  I covered one sheet of shimmery white withe the image, then painted them all, and then cut them out as I watched TV.  The technique for the beautiful roses is to squeeze a few drops of your favorite color for roses on a plastic lid, next spray your cardstock with a little water, and the last step is to use a waterbrush to pick up a little ink and paint it on to the paper.  The wet paper will pull the ink from the brush.  Make sure to let it dry thoroughly and then cut them out and place them on your card or anywhere in your home where you need a little decor.  Enjoy!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Color Schemes

Here's a great website link to help you with color schemes.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making Journals - The Blank Journal

Gather a few supplies:
     22" x 30" watercolor paper, 140 lb hotpress, Fabriano Artistico from Dick Blick's works fine
     #18 needle
     good metal ruler
    polyester thread approx. 3x the length of the journal spine

Tear the sheet into 10" strips.  Fold one sheet in half.  The other two sheets will be folded at 8" and 16".
Fold left to right.  Fold over that extra 6".  Do this to both sheets, then nestle them oppositely to each other.  The sheet you've folded in half will have a couple of extra inches of paper, fold those in so they are even with the other pages.

Mark the holes in from 1 1/2" at the top and bottom of the spine and then mark a hole in the middle.  Sew from the center hole inside to outside center, go up through the top hole in the spine, carry your thread all the way over the inside and go down through the bottom hole on the spine.  Go back up the center hole and tie strings in the center.  Be sure to secure the long thread with the knot from the threads coming up from the center.

These are my notes and supply list I've had written on a post it note for quite a while.  When I figure out where I was when I took the notes, I'll will give credit where credit is due.  (Oh, and my notes state "don't use Arches paper - don't know why - too stiff maybe.)  I would take a picture, but all I have is white paper, haven't threaded the journal or painted it yet.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paisley Prints - Sneak Preview

Received my new designer paper from the new Idea Book & Catalog and just had to make something new.  I used the Embossing folder, paisley prints paper, new frame punch and coordinating fun frames set.  We will be making some Mother's Day cards, get well cards next weekend at  my Women's Fellowship group.  It's  so much fun to gather together and make cards for those who are sick or live alone.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Altered Stampcase - Notepads

     Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.  I used SU!'s Stamp Cases #119105, 4 cases to the pkg, to make a customized notepad holder for my friend's birthday gift.
     I really enjoy making unique gifts for my much fun to create something special.  For this one I photocopied some old Italian ledger paper I purchased at the flea market in Arezzo, Italy, as well as a few pictures reduced in size.
     The small print reads:  "Tuscany, Signora, is a state of mind."  So true, but I can't wait to take another trip to Italy.

Here is the outside:                                                
And the inside with a little envelope for receipts and such:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Paris Cards

A day late but here are the cards I made to go inside the upcycled gift bags.
I used the Artistic Etchings Set, Item 118517 and Scallop Trim Border Punch, Item 118402, both in the
2010-11 Idea & Catalog.    

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I did a little Christmas shopping at Sephora for the Delightful Divas of my family.  I just couldn't toss out the really nice and sturdy bags so I transformed them from this:

to this:
I had an old stash of Paris cards of only which only a few remained.  
Fortunately, I do have some similar SU! stamps which coordinated so tomorrow I'll take a picture and show you the cards I made to include with the totes.