Monday, March 30, 2009

Finally Posting!

I began this blog over a year ago and have let everything come before posting. This year I made a commitment to finally post something. I thought if I joined a swap, it would motivate me to get started. So I did. I figured I would do an easy swap - send in 3, get 3 back (easy peasy as my friend Alej says). However, I chose to be in a tag swap and this swap had a sign up deadline. Once the deadline arrived I think we all were amazed by how many people signed up. 44!!!! So, I have been diligently working on my tags and I just have a few more ribbons to tie on before I mail them out later today. We have been getting glimpses of tags sent it so far which was a great motivator for me to complete mine and get them in on time. That cute little girl is my niece Sandy - now a H.S. teacher. I cut and pasted it to a collage sheet. Here (drum roll please) is my tag!

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